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Gayle Young and Reinhard Reitzenstein work in sound and visual installation and performance, exploring the integration of auditory and visual.

After collaborating in Quebec, earlier this year, at the Maison de la Culture du Plateau-Mont-Royal for Michel Depatie's Alchimie Et Fragilité Installation, the duo performed in Toronto for the very first time, at the 416 Festival.


Synopsis | 416 Performance

For the 416 Festival, the Duo shared with the audience a unique sound and visual experience starring amplified strings in combination with pre-recorded soundscape controlled by DJ-style CD players. The recordings include urban and natural sounds, some 'tuned' by a length of tubing that separated the sound source from the microphone at the time of the recording.



In 1978-79 Young composed three compositions for sculptural installations by Reinhard Reitzenstein. These works, with an accompanying book of photos, were released on the 1980 LP According. Young's later works in sound installation, also co-created with Reitzenstein, extend her interest in the role of sound in the everyday environment and emphasize interactive sound exploration, as described in the book Sonic Geography.
In 1997 from their collaboration with Jesse Stewart and Jacques Israelievitch the project THE TEST TUBES was born . The two-part exhibition took place at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre at the University of Guelph: a sound installation entitled Klang Bau and a sculptural work entitled Wilderness and the Scientific Method consisting of pyrex glass objects referencing laboratory devices. In Klang Bau two large curved wooden resonators are attached to the walls, amplifying attached strings played with fingers or bows. The strings formed two-dimensional y-shaped structures which create complex sound combinations. A recording by Spool Music is available. 


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Reinhard Reitzenstein | born in Uelzen, Germany, 1949.

Reinhard Reitzenstein works in visual media and in sound installation, exploring processes connecting the natural, cultural, and technological. He has completed several commissioned sculptural works, presented over one hundred solo exhibitions, and participated in over three hundred group exhibitions in North America and abroad. Currently, he directs the Sculpture Program at SUNY Buffalo, and is represented by the Olga Korper Gallery in Toronto. His latest sculpture, "To Have a Grip on Earth so the World can Quiver", a bright red hydro Tower bending back to the earth, is an homage to Nikola Tesla and was commissioned for Beyond | In WNY 2010 "Alternating Currents." |





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