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"Harmonium" (1988) for string quartet, dedicated to James Tenney. First performed Apr 15, 1994, by Microtonal Music Festival, Columbia Chapel, New York City, later by the Modern Quartet, Toronto. Included on Musicworks 64 CD; subject of article in Perspectives of New Music.


"Along The Periphery " (1993) for solo violin with optional (live) electronic treatment, performed by Marc Sabat, Continuum Music, Glenn Gould Hall, Toronto, April 1993. (This was the first of the text-based pieces.)


"Black Bean Soup" (1994) for any combination of 12-tone and 19-tone instruments. Premiered Jan 22, 1994, by Critical Band with 19-tone electric guitar, (John Gzowski) and violin (Malcolm Goldstein); performed at Newfoundland Sound Symposium, July 1998. (This was the first of the recipe pieces.)


"Lost Wood" (1998) for quarter-tone flute with string accompaniment. Premiered April 23, 1998, at Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto. Also played in concerts in MacDonald Stewart Arts Centre, Guelph, and Concordia University, Montreal.


"Buckwheat / Sarrasin" (2000) for accordion, cello, Amaranth, in quarter-tone tuning. Premiered at the Festival Mic-Mac, Musée d'art contemporaine, Montreal, Nov 4, 2000; recorded and broadcast Feb, 10, 2001 on Radio Canada's Le Navire Night.


"Fissure" (2002) premiered at the 2002 Newfoundland Sound Symposium, in a concert dedicated to the late Don Wherry, the artistic director of Sound Symposium. The Amaranth part can also be played by cello or bass. and pre-recorded microtonal soundscape. Broadcast on Two New Hours CBC, July 15, 2002. Performed 2003 in Kingston, New York, Montreal, Guelph. Broadcast on Resonance Radio, UK, November 26th 2002.


"Cross-Current" (2009) for instruments played in Bohlen-Pierce tuning, with video by Reinhard Reitzenstein. Commissioned through Ontario Arts Council by TransSpectra Ensemble. A version of Cross-Current adapted for her stringed instrument and banjo was played at the Cape St. Mary's music series, on June 26, and again at the Sound Symposium on July 2nd.


"Firedot Lichen" (2010) – for piano tuned in 1/16th tones. To be played by Bruce Mather, Jan 2011, at the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal. This piece deals with the cross-over areas between equal tempered tunings and just tunings. Travel and research expenses were funded by Ontario Arts Council's Ontario-Quebec Artist Residencies Program.




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