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Chamber music in twelve-tone equal temperament


"Through a Haze" (1978) for Piano, Clarinet. Premiered Jan. 7, 1978, at Music Gallery in Toronto.


"Vio-Voi" (1978) for Soprano Voice, Violin. Played on tours with Capriccio; most recently played by Marc Sabat and Barbara Hannigan, at Arraymusic studio, Toronto, May, 1998.


"Aquilegia" (1979) for four synthesizers played live with pre-recorded tape. Excerpt published on Musicworks 39 cassette.


"Usque ad Mare" (1981) for four synthesizers played live. Premiered by Canadian Electronic Ensemble. Ontario Arts Council Commission.


"Internal Combustion" (1994) for flute, clarinet, cello, French horn. Premiered Oct/94 by Groundswell, Winnipeg, at the Western Canada Aviation Museum, with musicians located on wings of planes.


"The State of Corn" (1998) for cello, baritone and mezzo voices. Premiered by NUMUS Ensemble, Kitchener, Nov 13, 1998


"Crucial Fluid" (2000) for Theremin, cello, pre-recorded sounds derived from recordings made by Hugh Le Caine. Performed by Vancouver New Music, at Performance Works, Jan. 2001.


"Mee-zoh" (2001) For solo instrument in twelve-tone equal temperament. Performed by Tom Bickley, solo recorder with electronics, at Meridian Gallery, San Francisco, April 6, 2001.


"Rain Fell" (2001) for any number of trombones, performed outdoors at a workshop on the trombone organized by Abbie Conant, in a redwood forest near San Francisco, June, 2001.


"Forest Ephemerals: Four Flowers" (2004) for solo piano, premiered by Eve Egoyan in July 2004 at the Newfoundland Sound Symposium in St. John's, Newfoundland. Broadcast July 15/04 on Two New Hours, CBC Radio Two.





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