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Young was one of the first composers to follow the lead of Harry Partch and Lou Harrison, exploring alternative tuning systems by designing, building and performing with new instruments. She played the first concert of her own compositions for her microtonal instruments in January 1978, at the Music Gallery in Toronto.


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"In Motion" (1979) (11 min) for Columbine with pre-recorded tape. Composed to accompany visual art installation piece by Reinhard Reitzenstein; broadcast on CBC Two New Hours, released on LP, According; excerpted on Musicworks 31 cassette. listen here


"Neptis Cantrix" (1983) (14 min) for Columbine, Amaranth, pre-recorded tape using sounds from the two acoustic instruments. Premiered at Toronto International Festival, June 1983, at Harbourfront, broadcast on CBC Two New Hours.


"Study in 'eleven over nine'" (1986) (9 min) for Amaranth and pre-recorded tape. Excerpt published on the cassette for MUSICWORKS 37; reviewed by "Blue" Gene Tyranny in All Music Guide, 1997, p 1133). "A fascinating work by this important Canadian composer, instrument builder, author and editor of Musicworks Magazine"


"Moving From My Sight" (l991) for bowed Columbine, four hands. Premiered at CCOAS Festival of Performance Art, Owen Sound, June, l991, with slide projections by G. Young. (requires two performers)


"Fissure" (2002) For Amaranth and pre-recorded microtonal soundscape. premiered at the 2002 Newfoundland Sound Symposium; dedicated to the late Don Wherry. Broadcast on Two New Hours CBC, July 15, 2002. Performed 2003 in Kingston, New York, Montreal, Guelph. Broadcast on Resonance Radio, UK, November 26th 2002.


"The Water Solution" (2002) for solo Amaranth, premiered at the 2002 Newfoundland Sound Symposium.


"Diatom" (2004) for Columbine with Amaranth, premiered May 12, 2004, at REDCAT Hall, in downtown Los Angeles. (requires two performers)






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