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Young was a founding board member of both the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology and the Canadian Association for Sound Ecology. (Both organizations were strongly influenced by R. Murray Schafer's 1977 book, The Tuning of the World.)


At the 1995 Tuning of the World Conference in Banff she gave a talk entitled "Harmony and the Soundscape," discussing an apparent dichotomy between our perception of music (based on recognizable pitch content: harmony, melody) as opposed to the more textural and gestural approaches to composition heard in many electroacoustic works based on soundscape recordings. The simultaneous presentation of both of these aspects of sound perception is one of Young's goals as a composer.



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"Flat Water" (1992) combined recorded sounds of early-morning waves lapping against rocks, creating polyrhythmic textures. Released on DisContact CD by Canadian Electroacoustic Community; played Dec 7, 1998, at National Recital Hall, Taipei, Taiwan, during Taipei Music Festival.


"Les Tuyeaux Sonores" (1995-96) a sound installation for lengths of tuned tubing 3 meters and over, which resonates with environmental sound sources; installed at five locations in Ontario and Quebec, four sites over moving water, one over a highway.


"Fissure" (2002) for Amaranth and pre-recorded microtonal soundscape. This was the first of Young's pieces to combine microtonal tunings with soundscape. Any noise-based environmental sound can be recorded through lengths of tubing, which filter the noise according to their lengths, providing a perceptible pitch and a shimmering array of overtones. Premiered at the 2002 Newfoundland Sound Symposium, in a concert dedicated to the late Don Wherry, artistic director of Sound Symposium. Broadcast on Two New Hours CBC, July 15, 2002. Performed 2003 in Kingston, New York, Montreal, Guelph. Broadcast on Resonance Radio, UK, November 26th 2002.


"Tree" (2006) music for a short film by Shelley Niro, using urban and lake-side soundsacpes recorded through lengths of tuned tubing. Presented in Montreal, Toronto, Buffalo, Victoria, and the 2007 Venice Bienale, among other venues. M-Dot-Zag (2006) for Harbour Symphony, performed at the 2006 Newfoundland Sound Symposium. Written in memory of Mike Zagorski.


"Botany Bay" (2007) for sounds recorded along the coast of Vancouver Island, through lengths of tuned tubing. Performed at Open Space Gallery, Victoria, November, 2007.


"Toronto, Hamilton, and Buffalo" (2008) a multi-channel sound installation presented by TH&B Collective, 270 Sherman Ave., Hamilton. Performances April 12, May 4, 2008.


"Rohren" (2008) - a sound installation with live performance component. Soundscapes are recorded through tuned tubing, and each prime number of a frequency ratio is given its own direction in a multi-speaker array. This piece brings together key ideas developed by John Cage, R. Murray Schafer, Harry Partch, James Tenney, and others. It was premiered at the Newfoundland Sound Symposium in July, 2008.


"Avalon" (2010-) | in progress





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