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| Gayle Young sometimes stops to wonder why "outside" sound experience is so interesting, and occasionally speculates on possible explanations. |


When Musicworks, a magazine dedicated to innovative and adventurous sound exploration began publication in 1978, Young submitted articles about tuning systems and interviews with several composers including one with James Tenney—one of the first publications about this composer. Since then she became more involved in the social and cultural contexts in which New Music forms flourish.
The Sackbut Blues, Young's biography of Hugh Le Caine, an early Canadian electronic music pioneer and inventor, was published in 1989.
One year before that, Young became editor of Musicworks magazine; she is now its publisher.



The Sackbut Blues

Biography on the Electronic Music pioneer
by Gayle Young

A National Museum Of Science And Technolog edition

















Musicworks cover
Issue 101 summer 2008

Louis Dufort By Gayle Young




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