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"The Sackbut Blues" | Hugh Le Caine Biography


This biography is intended for general readers with an interest in historical Canadian enterprises, both cultural and scientific. It will be of particular interest to musicians and composers who use electronic instruments. ______________Gayle Young


Canadian scientist and composer Hugh Le Caine (1914-1977) has been called one of the "heroes" of electronic music. He was brought up in Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay) in northwestern Ontario. At an early age he began building musical instruments and experimenting with electronic devices. In his youth he imagined "beautiful sounds" that he believed could be realized through new electronic inventions. The now accurately named electronic music pioneer, designed over twenty analogue musical instruments.



Press Quotes

… essential and historically significant… documents thoroughly, and at long last, Le Caine's radical and visionary notions of experimental electronic instrument design.
--Larry Polansky, Option Magazine


Le Caine was a Canadian original… He was the acknowledged world leader in many areas of electronic music research. Each of his instruments was unique and anticipated developments on the world stage… Le Caine was also a composer of genius. His first electronic work, Dripsody, has been recognized as one of the masterpieces of the genre.
--Larry Lake, Music Magazine


… from the vantage point of 1990, it is difficult to cite any Canadian composer of the 1950's and 1960's--electronic or otherwise--whose work is more original or more assured in technique than [Le Caine's]. We must grant that his musical output was small, but each piece is significant because of Le Caine's ability to pose, and to solve, musical problems.
--Lowell Cross, Canadian Association of Music Libraries Newsletter



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